Fabian Pallasdies

I have recently finished my master’s thesis in “Organismic Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Paleobiology” in the group of Professor Memmesheimer and am now a SmartStart student here.  Prior to that I wrote my bachelor’s thesis on kinetic models of the Wnt pathway in Prof. Dr. Nils Blüthgen’s group.

In my work here I am studying the nerve nets of jellyfish in order to learn more about the evolution of early nervous systems. I am also studying in the bachelor program of mathematics at the University of Bonn.


Pallasdies, F., Goedeke, S., Braun, W., and Memmesheimer, R.-M. (2019). From Single Neurons to Behavior in the Jellyfish Aurelia aurita. ArXiv:1907.05060 [q-Bio].


Caspar, K.R., Mader, L., Pallasdies, F., Lindenmeier, M., and Begall, S. (2018). Captive gibbons (Hylobatidae) use different referential cues in an object-choice task: insights into lesser ape cognition and manual laterality. PeerJ 6, e5348.