Paul Züge

I studied physics in Bonn where I obtained a master’s degree, specializing in theoretical condensed matter physics. I did my thesis, titled “effects of interactions on topological Kondo insulators”, in the group of Prof. Kroha. In late  2018 I joined the group of Prof. Memmesheimer for a PhD.

Neural dynamics are fascinating even with fixed weights, and they become even more so once plasticity mechanisms are introduced. I investigate learning rules that satisfy biological constraints and have recently looked at rate-based networks in a reinforcement learning setting. I like to examine these rules using normative and evolutionary approaches. I am also looking forward to working with spiking networks which pose interesting challenges for learning.


P. Züge, C. Klos, and R.-M. Memmesheimer (2023)
Weight versus Node Perturbation Learning in Temporally Extended Tasks:
Weight Perturbation Often Performs Similarly or Better

Phys. Rev. X, 13, 021006.
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