At the moment, we have a PhD position available and you can apply for Master’s and Bachelor’s theses in physics, biology, mathematics and computer science in our interdisciplinary group. Optimal backgrounds of students include theoretical neuroscience, theoretical physics, computer science, mathematics and quantitative biology.

The PhD position will allow you to study the dynamics, function and evolution of earliest nervous systems. Your research may address a variety of modeling topics and include experiments on jellyfish nervous systems. The experiments are planned in collaboration with Heinz Beck (Department of Epileptology) and Gerhard von der Emde (Institute for Zoology). The German research council (DFG) fully funds the positions via a grant of the program “SPP 2205 – Evolutionary Optimization of Neuronal Processing”. First related results of our group are presented in Pallasdies et al., “From single neurons to behavior in the jellyfish Aurelia aurita” Elife 2019.

Generally, your work in our group may contribute to delineating the principles underlying effective computations with spiking neurons, investigating the origins of different dynamics in the hippocampus, or exploring the impact of coupling nonlinearities found in this brain region. Some of our projects are directly guided by recent experimental results and aim at explanations that have been requested by experimentally working collaborative partners. Others have a higher level of abstraction and explore rather principal questions.

Please contact Raoul-Martin Memmesheimer (rm.memmesheimer AT for further details and application. For application please include your CV, transcripts from high school and your bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as your  bachelor’s and master’s theses (if applicable).